Professional Web Design and Development Services

Internet development is a trade that includes many different technologies. In essence, the entire obligation of the net developer is to ensure that the client receives it. There is a difference between being a web programmer and also a web designer, although their functions overlap, the web designer may be involved with part of the code that makes up the website

1. Strategy The style and functionality of the site


It usually takes a while before the Internet developer actually begins to write the code that makes up the website. When you have the contract to obtain an Internet project, you must perform a lot of preparation and analysis. Generally, the site is required by the client. It is up to your development staff and work supervisor to measure how much time this may require.

In this phase, the Internet designer will surely participate to ensure that his design works together with the client's requirements. The prerequisites will contain details.

2. Create business logic as specified by the customer


Once the preparation and evaluation stage is completed, the net developer will start creating the site. Often, this involves working with client-side technology such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS and server-side technology such as PHP and .NET.


A fantastic web design philadelphia has to be an expert in many technologies. There is no HTML programmer!


Knowing what tools to use for each component of the website is conducive to the achievement of this company.

3. Implementing Internet design


You may believe that when the net developer has finished creating the Internet site, the Internet designer will begin to implement the Internet site. Although they operate together, it is usually the web developer who has the task of executing the web design.


It is vital that web designers and web developers work together!



4. Testing and quality assurance


Many types of tests are carried out during this period, from the volume and system tests, to ensure that all the elements work together within the web application and can easily cope with the first and future requirements expected on the machine, up to the final User Acceptance Test (UAT) and also logout. There are many forms of proof necessary during this period that are beyond the scope of this debut, for example, cross-browser and security tests, all of which contribute to the delivery of a Site and high-quality customer service

The test is potentially the most important and often neglected element of a web development project. If there are errors on the site when it starts, the customer is in danger of losing a large amount of money and great credibility.


However, the net developer should not be responsible for analyzing the website. It is critically important that it be analyzed by someone who has not yet been involved with the evolution of the website.

You can think? All these four phases often occur at exactly the same time. The development has become increasingly popular, which means that parts of the website will be examined while other areas of the website are still evolving.